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Those mean so much to me! .
Jill and I were texting back and forth about what to wear. .
I tend to over dress. .From the beginning of my more serious running, she made sure I was doing strength training. .Pure Protein Smores bar and a banana (saved the banana for after the race) (Amazon Affiliate Links the race did not start until 9:00am, but they had sent an email saying that we should try to be there by 8:00am. .During those last few miles, we merged back in with the 7 milers. .We were still together when we got to the railroad tracks. .My husband was texting.Overall, the Run the Bluegrass half marathon was perfect! .You can see me crossing the finish linebehind that guy!
5 more steps.

She said she was going to take the first few miles slower. .At several of the out-of-this-world houses, the people had walked down to the end of their lanes. .Only a handful of people knew I was running this one. .You just have to get over there. .(Jill is killing the pigeon pose). .I kept this one quiet. .Then, I drove the rest of the way back home to see my boys.There is not a ton of support while you are out there. .There is no city to run through. .Relax and enjoy it!
I know I get warm very easily after a few miles. .
I took my first Hammer Gel a little earlier than I had planned. .

I can see the building. .
From there, theyll head out onto a clockwise loop route that takes them into the rural countryside just to the west of Lexington, running along a series of rolling hills and country roads, passing by thoroughbred farms such as Middlebrook Farm and Donamire Farm along.